Universal Soldier: The Return
The return universal soldier
Released on
August 20, 1999

Richard Rothstein (characters)
Christopher Leitch (characters)
Dean Devlin (characters)
William Malone (screenplay)

John Fasano (screenplay)
Mike Benson
Editing by
Peck Prior
Studio (s)
Baumgarten-Prophet Entertainment

IndieProd Company Productions

Long Road Entertainment
83 mins
$24,000,000 (estimated)
$19,912,120 (Worldwide)

Universal Soldier: The Return is a 1999 American science fiction action film and the directorial debut of Mic Rodgers. It is a retconned film and the second theatrical film in the Universal Soldier film series, following two made-for-TV movies, Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms and Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business.

Plot Summary

After barely surviving his experiences as a part-human/part-robot "Universal Soldier", Luc Deveraux has opted to stay out of the front lines and work with a military project to refine and perfect the system. However, something goes wrong, and S.E.T.H., the android supercomputer leading the new breed of soldiers, suddenly develops a murderous mind of his own. Soon S.E.T.H. is leading his fellow war machines on a rampage, and Luc is the only one who can stop them.


  • Prepare to become obsolete



  • The role of Romeo was originally intended for WWF wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.
  • When S.E.T.H. cracks his kill-code, it flashes up on the screen, starting with "NCC1701", which is the registration code of the starship Enterprise.



Universal Soldier The Return Trailer01:40

Universal Soldier The Return Trailer

All the BEST scenes from Universal Soldier The Return05:47

All the BEST scenes from Universal Soldier The Return

Theatrical Trailer Highlight Reel

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